Sorority Style Showdown Round 1: Kappa VS Pi Phi


Spring is here and we're kicking off our second annual Sorority Style Showdown! This fun and fashion-filled contest features 2 great looks pulled from Swank and styled and modeled by a team from each the sororities. Each participating house will be going head to head against one other house each week to win $$ for their philanthropy and discounts for their entire house for a week! 
(No pressure, right?!)

We asked each house to provide a styling team of 2-3 girls and a model and then they were let loose to play dress-up in Swank for a few hours! We want to thank the ladies of Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma for enthusiastically volunteering for the first round. We had so much fun watching these ladies pulling items and getting their looks put together--it was hard not to jump in and play too!

Each house is competing to win a $200 check to benefit their deserving literacy-based philanthropies--Pi Phi is championing for the Read. Believe. Achieve and Kappa Kappa Gamma is representing Reading Is Fundamental. 

In addition to helping to raise money and awareness for a such good causes,  the winning house gets 20% off all purchases for every member of their house, good for one week! 
(Pretty sweet rewards, if you ask us!!)

If you and your organization would like to participate, please contact Madison(at)swankboutiqueonline.com for more details.  


Now for the clothes:

Both teams went for one of this Winter's hottest colors--port. Or burgundy. Or wine. Maybe cabernet? Anyone else getting thirsty? Anyway, back to the clothes! Interestingly, both sorority teams also opted to incorporate one of this Summer's strongest trends--western accents, yet both did so in strikingly different ways. 

Kappa tucked the Diego Fringe Cami by Rory Beca into the Free People Piece Out Suede Mini Skirt and kept the duo from feeling too western by pairing them with our chunky black Cove Booties and edgy Five + Two Quartz Choker. **This season don't be afraid to layer a choker and a lariat or other longer necklace! As the weather gets warmer, it's all about the delicate statement layers, whether on your fingers or neck, stack on the layers and glam up the heat!

Pi Phi went for a more sophisticated, edgy look, pairing the Finders Keepers City Lights Crop with our High Waisted Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt and layering on the Class Act Vest before adding the accessories--our Wide Brim Hat in Black + Lovestrength Fulman Hat Band, Samantha Wills Howlite Bardot Ring, Tess + Tricia Silver Luna Layering Necklace, and Jeffrey Campbell Burke Heels. This skirt is a no brainer at just $38--you can take it from day to night with the drop of a vest! See what we did there? The Bardot Ring is a signature style of Samantha Wills and is one of our buyer's favorite statement cocktail rings for everyday and if you're like us, you're basically obsessed with marble everything!

Also, if you haven't gotten our Jeffrey Campbell Burke Heel before, get it now. Before it's gone. Again. We try to warn everyone but inevitably, as soon as we are sold out three people call looking for them! Don't miss out and be that person! We hate having to break hearts!!

All items can be found in our store and on our website at: 

*Please note: cannot sell Jeffrey Campbell Shoes through our website, contact us at 573-256-4795 for ordering details.



Enjoy FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING ALL WEEKEND (March 11-13th) on ALL Domestic US orders--no limit on your order! 

*international orders not eligible and will be subject to normal international shipping costs, sorry!
**in-town orders placed with the FREE SHIPPING option will be delivered within 2 days of your order being placed.


Insider Tips for Surviving the Swank Semi Annual Sale


Tomorrow isn't like any other Saturday...it's that one day when the items you've been lusting after for so long are attainable without breaking the bank!  If you've never been before, The Semi Annual Sale is perfect for adding basics to your closet, splurging on that statement coat for Fall, starting your holiday shopping early or finding the perfect outfit for Saturday night.  What we're really trying to say is, don't miss out on the sale of the year!  We've been doing this for a couple years now (10 to be exact) and we've learned a little something along the way....

1. Pre-shop, Pre-shop, Pre-shop!  We can't stress this enough.  Knowing your size and having an idea of what you want will make your waiting time minimal.  Even if you're unable to come into the store, checking products online beforehand will be extremely helpful to you.

2. Pack Light - we don't allow handbags or drinks in during the sale, so grab a small wallet and go or leave your bag in your car while you shop.

3.  Wear Tight, Layerable Clothing - one of the longest lines is the fitting room.  If you come prepared and are able to try clothes on over what you're wearing, you'll be able to skip that line entirely

4.  Payment - we check ID's on all credit and debit card transactions.  If you are using a parent's credit card, please have them call before 6PM on Friday to give their permission. 

5. Sale Items - all items on the floor are eligible for the discount. If you have chosen a sale item, you will receive either the sale price or the discount off of the original price (whichever is a better deal for you).

Phone Orders 

1. Call at 8AM - we are unable to pull orders if people call before 8am.  It is unfair to the people who have been waiting outside since the crack of dawn to allow phone orders before the doors have been unlocked.

2. First Come First Serve - the people in the store have first priority, with that said, we will try our hardest to pull pieces right away for you!

3. Payment Info - we will be calling you later in the day to grab credit card information.  Don't worry, we will be writing down the time you call in order to provide the correct discount information

4. Discount Marks - you will be marked once you enter and can stay as long as you would like.  Once you leave, if you re-enter you will be re-marked for that new time. 

Online Orders

1. Discount Code - SEMIANNUAL will be activated right at 8AM and the discount amount will change at each interval as posted

2.  First Come First Serve - as per phone orders the in-store shoppers have first priority, but we will be pulling items as quick as we can for you!  Some items in your order will be refunded, if so this will happen Monday or Tuesday morning.

3. Shipping - we ship USPS Priority Mail and will ship either Saturday or Monday.  Shipping will be a flat rate of $10 for domestic shipments and $20 for international shipments

No price match on previously purchased merchandise

All orders are eligible for pick up or shipping with a flat rate of $10 



What To Do Next Weekend in Columbia

It's that time of year--are you ready for it?? The Swank Semi-Annual Sale has arrived and is going on NEXT SATURDAY!!

As always, it is a progressive sale with your discount dependent on the time you arrive to the store with discounts as high as 45% off!!!

We'll be posting tips on how to survive the sale all week so stay tuned and don't forget to pre-shop!


Emily's Style: My Favorite Spring Accessory

Favorite Spring Accessory:

 Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch in Poppy

I don't know about y'all, but every year about this time I start to get the itch for spring. The Holidays have passed, I've experienced the cold and snow, and I'm starting to get tired of bundling up every time I set foot outside my apartment. Although spring is still a little bit away, there are FABULOUS products out right now at Swank! My favorite accessory right now is the Rebecca Minkoff Sofia clutch in Poppy. The Sofia Clutch is unlike some Rebecca Minkoff handbags. It is so colorful and fun! Not that this designer isn’t known for using color, but WOW. This clutch has such a festive feel to it.  And, of course, the multi colored tassels. Who could forget those?  There is no doubt this clutch (or cross body bag, thanks to the shoulder strap) would add some excitement to just about any occasion this spring!

 Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch in Poppy

If any of you have a tropical vacation planned this bag would be perfect. Or even if you don't - you can incorporate a bright handbag into your wardrobe right now! Hurry and snag it before it’s gone!

XO- Em


New York Day 1: Capsule NY + AXIS Shows

Today was a whirlwind! Another sleepless night before a middle-of-the-night flight headed to market meant I tried to catch as much shut eye as I could on my two flights before I landed in New York City and went straight to market. Luckily, the show was inspiring. I'm already feeling better about the state of style after one day in New York than the whole week in Vegas! While I mostly took notes yesterday, I found a couple of great new lines that I am excited about and hope to try to work into our Summer and Fall collections.

Capsule New York:

The New York version of this show is totally different than its Vegas cousin, featuring a variety of fine jewelry, high end accessories, and eclectic clothing lines. Even if I don't always buy a ton at this show, it's an inspiring place to walk and meet new people.

At the show today I spent 20 minutes chatting with Cleobella designer, Angela O'Brien. It's always amazing to get to meet people who are as passionate as you are about clothing and style, but to connect on sustainability and the ethics of fair trade and how important quality was. When I first arrived to the booth, everyone was trying to figure out how to handle a situation in which another handbag line a few booths away, had knocked off one a Cleobella bag, something I've noticed a lot this season as Cleobella's signature fringe and boho style has become trendy.

Immediately their attention was redirected when I entered the booth carrying my travel favorite Hendrix Fringe Tote. "I'm impressed what you've been able to fit in there." Angela said as she giggled at my overstuffed, no longer square, Hendrix bag. (Honestly, I think she was just proud that her signature, unlined tote was able to sustain such blatant abuse!) From there, we were off! Pictures of (her) kids came out, we talked about her leather factories and how she and her family spend about five months out of the year living in Bali, supervising production and sourcing materials. She explained how important that was to the company and how important the people who work for them in Bali have become--no longer just employees, but family. That kind of passion speaks volumes to me personally and those are the kind of people I like to do business with, especially when they also design AMAZING, PRETTY clothes and bags! Luckily for all of us, the Fall collections look AMAZING!! Some of the clothing gets a little to stylized for us but the bags.... I could have walked off with an entire shoulder full of them and still wanted more of them! It's going to be hard to whittle down the through the options on this one ladies, I can't wait to show you more!!

AXIS Show:
The Axis show is inspired by an active lifestyle but have plenty to offer beyond just activewear and swim! I was able to get caught up on Lovestrength Belts for Summer--we should have plenty of double-buckle belts in the store in a few weeks! I also found a fun new new line out of Los Angeles and a line of faux furs and suede styles out of Australia that I'm hoping to bring in this Fall because they're AMAZING!!
There wasn't a ton for Swank at Axis but I was able to catch up with my longtime friend Nicole, who just opened her own showroom, NICASA, this past Fall. I met Nicole back in the day when we carried Wildfox and have stayed in touch as she went from their only sales girl to Head of Sales. I love having badass, hard-working, driven women as friends! Her booth was insane in Vegas, so it was nice Anyway, Nicole is now our Vanessa Mooney source (yay!) and she is responsible for getting Varley into Swank so any of you who are obsessed with your Varley leggings should be thanking her!

Even though I had already seen her in Vegas, I stopped and talked to The2Bandits designer, Tamar Wider. Good people!! Full disclosure, I met Tamar several years ago at market after our mutual friend, Larin introduced us. Tamar and Larin grew up in Dallas together and spent their youth going to Summer camp together, something that ended up inspiring Tamar's new clothing line, CAMP, that you'll be seeing a little bit of this Summer at Swank! If you follow Swank on SnapChat, you might have also seen Tamar make a cameo while we were having fun at dinner after the show!

The best part of Capsule and Axis is that their vibe is so chill and laid back and everyone is happy. It's a totally different vibe from the Javitz Center, where Coterie is and where I will be today. There, everyone is WORKING and it's bright and loud and stressful and cold. Capsule and Axis have local food vendors and cool installations and hang out zones where people actually want to hang out! They also feature smaller collections where you get to meet the designers themselves because they're still in the booth and excited about getting their product into the customers hands.

It's as if they hung a sign saying "good vibes only" on the front door and everyone heeded the notice and it's a fun place to be as a buyer.

Today I'm off to see the big boys at Coterie--I'll keep you in the loop!


Market Wrap Up

Ok, you may have noticed I didn't get my 'daily recaps' posted. I wish I could say that it was because I was out livin' it up in Las Vegas every night but it's sadly because I was disappointed in what I was finding. Despite walking what seemed like every inch all eight shows, I just wasn't finding those WOW things that I usually find at market and am dying to tell you all about. Talking to other buyers and reps, I wasn't the only one with this feeling so, the good news is that next season's market is bound to be amazing! Luckily, I am off to New York next week for more market and hopefully, not more of the same!

Fortunately for all of us, the trip wasn't a total bust--I did discover several new jewelry lines I am really stoked to see in the store and managed to pick up a couple of new clothing and accessory lines. Bring on that new new!!

Favorites in the jewelry category:

Seoul Little is a Los Angeles based jewelry line developed by designer and maker Charlotte Park. After creating a series of charmed necklaces each designed to tell a story, Charlotte started Seoul Little in 2013 with the intention to create jewelry that women can feel connected to. 

The seasonal collections and classics feature a range of modern essentials perfect for layering and stacking, creating killer combos that share your story and reflect your individuality. Seoul Little jewelry is just the right amount of tough and sweet, with something for every girl's vibe.

Made by hand and designed with love in Los Angeles, California each piece is created for how jewelry should be worn - never taken off. 

The 2 Bandits is a San Francisco based jewelry line developed by designer and friend, Tamar Wider. Combining the experiences of growing up in Texas, training to become a certified gemologist in Israel, studying at FIT in New York, and finally settling in San Francisco and starting a family, Wider manages to strike a balance between rustic and refined, resulting in an unparalleled aesthetic and remarkably identifiable style. Southwestern and North American influences merge with vintage elegance and bohemian charm to formulate jewelry that will instantly transport you to a glamorously free-spirited Texan exuberance.

Kara Yoo's jewelry is hand-crafted by hand in her studio by a small production team in beautiful Vancouver, BC with great care and attention to all details, large and small. Simple and wearable, each piece is designed to be inclusive, focusing on openness and the creativity we each possess. Mix and match to your hearts extent - with new, old, other, or more of the same, whatever speaks to you and reflects your own personal style. All of her pieces are made to last, using only quality materials such as tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling Silver, Gold-Fill and solid Gold. We can't wait for her Fine Jewelry Collection arrives!

Favorites in the clothing category:

New Friends Colony What began as a basement full of artisans in our ancestral home in an urbanite suburb of New Friends Colony, India, has evolved into a modern apparel brand based in Los Angeles.

New Friends Colony Checkmate Top at Swank Boutique 

Each amazing piece is uniquely designed with exquisite hand embellishments and artfully crafted to create distinctive dresses, tops, jackets and skirts. Did we mention that the collection retails between $75-198? You absolutely have to see, touch, and try on at least one of these amazing pieces from NFC and we HIGHLY suggest purchasing one--it's about to be your favorite go-to for a night out!

Joah Brown the more we see, the more we love this line! The best-selling (and currently sold out) Soleil Cardi will be arriving again soon in Black AND in this amazing super soft, lightweight sand-colored knit--we're so excited! That same knit will be coming in slouchy tops that make the perfect beach-to-dinner-cover-up wherever your Spring Break adventures take you! And, if the beach is a mountain--layer up girl! Shop our current Joah Brown styles today!

But First, Coffee -- Griffin's Must-Have Mugs

Gone are the days of boring coffee, say hello to the new trend…

coffee that speaks to you!
Easy Tiger Co. Yes Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique 
Steel Petal Press Mugs - $14 each

Steel Petal Press Best Thing Ever Mug at Swank
 Steel Petal Press Coffee & Whiskey Mug at Swank Boutique 

Shop my personal favorite brand, Easy Tiger, at Swank! As they say themselves, they make “drinkware for awesome people,” aka  YOU and it's made in Kansas City, Missouri.

 Drink to that.

Easy Tiger Stackable Mugs - $12 each  

Easy Tiger Co. Coffee Snob Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique Easy Tiger Co. Mine Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique  Easy Tiger Co. Yes Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique Easy Tiger Co. No Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique Easy Tiger Co. Hot Stuff Gold Stackable Mug at Swank Boutique

So swing by, grab yourself a new mug and fill it up with your

favorite blend. And of course, don’t forget the latte art! Duh.


Lady In Red -- Our Favorite Red Dresses In Store Now!

Amanda Uprichard Vista Belted Wrap Dress in Candy AppleAmanda Uprichard Vista Belted Wrap Dress in Candy Apple

 Amanda Uprichard's sophisticated styles and luxurious silks are back at Swank and we couldn't be more excited about this shipment's new arrivals!

The Vista Belted Wrap Dress is a 70's-inspired sexy flight attendant style that we can't get off our minds, especially in this stunning 'Candy Apple' color.

Get the Look:
Amanda Uprichard Vista Belted Wrap Dress | Elizabeth & James Kona Chain Drape Earrings | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mara Crossbody | Jeffrey Campbell Burke Cutout Heels

Audrey Bow Flared Dress

We only have 1 size Small left in this gorgeous little number!! Snag her before she sells out!

Get the look: Audrey Bow Flared Dress - $72 | Quay Hearts Sunglasses - $50 | Burke Cutout Heels - $135

Aurora Lace Panel Dresshttp://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/aurora-lace-panel-red-dress/

Don't let this classic shape fool you--this little red dress features a sheer lace panel down the front and cutout back design. 

Get the look: Aurora Lace Panel Red Dress - $68 | Quay Rhymes Sunglasses - $50 | Baccaro Twisted Slingbacks - $150


Steal Her Style: Ashley Glorioso aka Pursenboots

Gotta love a girl who can rock a signature look on the reg! We've been huge fans of stylist Ashley Glorioso's style since discovering her back in the beginning of Instagram and love using her laid back sexy style as inspiration and clearly we're not the only ones--enter Joah Brown's Deep End Tank! With a perfectly slouchy SUPER deep U neckline, this top is the essential piece for 'stealing' that signature Pursenboots style! An added bonus (in the form of an excuse to buy more bralettes) is Ashley has proven definitely requires a pretty little lacey something peeking out from beneath it, so you HAVE to scope out our latest selection of bralettes.

Inspired by Look 6: Deep End Tank

Madison's Must-Haves...The Denim Brand You Need In Your Life: J Brand

What do celebs like Jessica Alba, Kourtney Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez have in common (besides the fact that they are all beautiful and famous and are basically living our fantasy lives…) ? The answer is that these fashionistas love their J Brand jeans! And who can blame them? Since ’04, J Brand has been creating  premium denim that make women look and feel amazing (because we have butts and they deserve to look good!) In fact, the first denim I ever purchased from Swank was a pair of J Brands and they are a staple in my wardrobe. Not only do I know they will last me for years to come, but they are incredibly comfortable and wonderfully flattering. If you don’t already own a pair yourself, we would love to change that! Trust me, you will thank us. Here are a few of my faves in the store right now:

J Brand Maria High Rise Skinny J Brand Mid Rise Skinny in Affray

1.) Maria High Rise Skinny, $248

2.) Mid Rise Skinny in Imagine, $188

3.) Mid Rise Skinny in Affray, $268 (destructed details are patchwork!)

*Swank Tip* Always remember to wash your denim inside out and on a cold wash cycle to prevent the indigo from washing out of your denim or bleeding onto anything else in the wash!